Press| Pandangan orang tentang “Half-filled Glass”.

07 Jun

Once i woke up, i straightly to where my Lappy “stranded”..wahaha.. turn on,grab my Broadband and connected it to the internet. Biasa la, rutin yang sangat lazim, Pelaziman Operan says Edward.L Thorndike (Eh..betul ka tu?) pas tu terus la roaming2 sambil melayan lagu “Crazy” by Christina Agulera, suddenly i found this one, hurm!! (thinkin’?) Different people had a different way to describe about the issue, Gelas yang berisi separuh air pun boleh jadi isu juga oo..haha..Lets take a look what their thinkin’ about half filled glass.

Zombie@ Zombaa pun xmelepaskan peluang untuk turut bersama-sama memeriahkan isu ni..haha..

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Posted by on 7 June, 2011 in Lawak


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